Monday, October 13, 2008

the bunny rescuers

this is old news at our house, but just wanted to post it anyway. A few weeks ago Nate found (or I should say Daisy, our hunting dog) these baby bunnies in our pasture. The mother was gone and left these infants in a hole. (I say infants because they couldn't have been more than a couple days old-they're eyes were still closed) She was probably chased off by Daisy. Nate ended up putting them in a bucket with grass and bringing them to the house. I thought they were mice at first, because their ears were so short, but looking closer they're so much cuter than a mouse.
Cassie instantly fell in love.
and then there was the onlooker we had to keep away.
I have no idea if they survived. We took them back to the hole hoping the mother would come back to take care of them.


Jenn said...

They are very cute, when I was a kid we raised bunnies and usually if you touch babies without gloves the mom will kill them ,because they are weirdos ..sorry .