Monday, February 16, 2009

Hapy Valentimes!

like the title? Cassie called valentine's: ValentiMes. funny.
Here's Lydia with her valentine sunglasses. She is quite a ham.
We had a good valentine's. Nate took us (me & the girls) shopping all afternoon & out to dinner and some more shopping in the evening! I cannot remember the last time I have been to rochester for no reason. It was quite relaxing and we ended up spending a wad because everything was on sale. almost bought a new computer too, but decided to wait for something bigger & better.

School is going good, in case you are wondering. Fall Semester I received a 4.0-the first in my life I can proudly say. And Yes, I am bragging. My brother in law calls me a nerd now. HA! I'm currently taking a math course (the first of 4) and I'm getting a 105%, and yes, bragging again :) But it really has everything to do with the teacher. She is wonderful and I hope I can get her again next semester.

Nate's job is great. They have been busy. I was concerned for awhile, but he reassured me that the only way he would probably lose his job is if the place burned down. Even then, the president would probably have something for him to do. So he's doing fine.

The girls are doing good too. We have been doing ECFE activities and they seem to enjoy daycare.

I think we're all anxious for spring. I received my Gurney's catalog the other day and have flipped through it about 4 times, dreaming of summer. It will be a great summer this year!

Monday, February 9, 2009

roller skating

Last weekend we took the girls roller skating! We weren't really sure how Cassidy would handle herself, and if she fell, we didn't know if she would give up (like she usually does), but she didn't care! She fell, she got up, and skated some more.

This was a proud mommy moment. Towards the end she was able to skate on her own! She was proud as well.

And of course, Lydia had to get in on the action. I had a hard time containing her while everyone was skating. She kept darting off, so we walked around and around several times. Then daddy took her around with him a few times. We thought that if they had skates small enough for Lydia, she would have skated too!