Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She's 4 years old

I can't believe I have a 4 year old now. She's growing and learning so much these days. We had a couple days of celebrating. Sunday was the party with all of the fam, and yesterday was the actual day, so we let her do whatever she wanted. She just wanted to play with her new toys and hang out most of the day. She also got to pick anything she wanted from the Ice cream man (schwan's).
We went out yesterday to take a few pictures. I do this every year on birthdays to see how much she's grown. I think mature is definitely describes her this year.

I tried to get one with both of the girls together but it didn't really work how I planned. But this picture totally cracked me up...Cassidy's trying to shush Lydia, and Lydia is just squirming and squealing:

I wanted to include this one from the party and cake that Grandma made!

This should be a really fun year for Cassidy. This is her last year before preschool. She has started Sunday School and seemed to enjoy it. And leaving her at daycare is getting easier. We're just slowly getting her used to the fact that mommy & daddy aren't always around, and she's probably okay with that after she gets over being anxious about us leaving her.
here are a few little fun things about her this year:

  • She's a little "mother hen" to Lydia and I love that. So does Lydia.
  • She could watch TV from the time she gets up until bedtime at night...in her pj's
  • She enjoys playing disney games on the computer. And now Webkinz games too. (that was one of her gifts)
  • She has to have a light & music on in her room at night. She usually sneaks out of her room a few times before she falls asleep.
  • Loves shopping, especially at Target