Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our DIY Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was filled with "labor". Actually it was really really easy to install this floor. It is made out of vinyl but looks like wood, so I can have the beauty without worrying about the leaky floor. I also picked out this area rug that is made out of a material that resists mold/mildew too.
There's a lot of finishing stuff to do: painting trim, installing trim, painting door jambs & doors, installing railing and finish lighting. I am not promising it will be done for C's b-day on Sunday. That would stress me out too much.
Last week our friend came over to texture the walls & paint. What a luxury that was to have him paint! He did it in a fraction of the time with his sprayer.
Then yesterday as we were installing the floor I mentioned to Nate that I think I am trying to re-create my bathroom in our old house:
That was not planned. I guess I just like the look. I also really really miss my bathroom in our old house.