Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to our mess

A few weeks ago you might remember about our little water problem in our basement. Well, we've finally dried out down there and went to work. Here's our basement as of today:

Below: This used to be 2 rooms (as you can see where the wall used to be) (my craft room used to be that room in the back...glad I moved that upstairs last summer!) Now it will be one large space instead of 2 smaller rooms. To the right-where the desk is in back-will be a closet to store all of our junk that we don't want any of you to see when you come over :)

So we ended up with a larger mold problem than we thought. We knew there was some down there, but not to the extent of which we found. So we tore out all of the sheet rock that had the mold and it's sitting in the middle of the floor. Most of it was soaking wet!
There's a lot of cleaning to do: much of the mold is still down there...on the 2x4's and posts.
The next step for us is to seal and fix all of the cracks in the floor and then seal the entire floor with a rubber membrane. Then hopefully we'll be ready to put things back together! It might take a while though. We're planning on doing most of the work ourselves. I'll keep you updated!