Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7 Months

Here's Lydia's 7 month pictures 1 day late...I hate it when I don't get those pictures taken on the exact day of the month of her birthday. Must be the OCD again.
Anyway, Lydia has been kind of sick this last week, not sure what happened. Had a fever for a day and then hasn't really been the same since. Slowly getting better though.
I had to lower the crib mattress the other day because I caught her standing up in her crib and I was afraid she would lean over and fall out. So now it's as low as it goes.
I had her on the changing table this morning and looked over and it just hit me how big she is. It really makes a mommy sad to see her baby growing up. But I am glad those early months are behind us now, and now the excitement begins!!


Jenn said...

She is so cute, I just love all your pictures. Mine are never half as good as yours!