Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have a 5 year old??

It doesn't seem real. She. is. five. Five! I look back and wonder how time could have slipped by so fast, but then again, it hasn't. That doesn't make any sense, but it does seem like five years came and went in a blink. And now look at her, all grown up:
This is the dollhouse we gave her for her birthday. Nate started building it from scratch 2 weeks after she was born. We spent every winter working on it and recently furnished it so we could give it to her. She's been playing with it for 2 days straight!
We had her party yesterday. She loves mickey mouse clubhouse and minnie mouse. So, we needed to have a minnie party!

She got lots of great gifts, and she especially loves her Cars movie. She's been asking for it for years. Finally someone got the hint!! LOL!! We've already watched it once today.
I (I mean my mom) made her outfit. We made the skirt slightly large in case we decide to go to disney next year, then it will still fit.

I just sent the birthday girl to bed, she's been a sad and spoiled girl the last two days. Now time to re-program!