Thursday, November 6, 2008

The beginning of an heirloom

Have you ever wondered about the history of an heirloom? Where it came from, who made it, who used it? Do you even have an heirloom?
I'm pleased to say I have many. One of my most prized is my baptism gown that was worn by my mother, myself, and both of my girls. (they'll have to fight over it when they have kids of their own).
This little sweater dress was made for Lydia by my mom. I see these sweater dresses all over in stores so I guess they're a hot fashion thing this fall. And I guess mom has an eye for fashion ;) But anyway, it's a sweet little dress that will fit her for quite a while.
ps...the hat is from etsy, not quite an heirloom, but is handmade.