Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The BIG catch!

This was the first fish she caught! We think it was a walleye! If not, please correct me. I am not an expert

This was our first attempt at fishing on Memorial Day weekend. We went to our lake in town and caught some walleye (we think) . They were all so small that they weren't worth keeping, so we went to the DNR ponds about 15 miles away and caught some bass, walleye, and sunnies. We kept a few and grilled them.
It was pretty exciting at first for Cassidy. She was getting really good and almost touched a worm! That's better than me. I won't go near those squirmy, slimy yukkie things. Poor Nate, as he doesn't get much time to fish between Cassidy & I. His time is spent baiting hooks and taking fish off.
As time passed while we were fishing, she got scared of the fish on her hook and didn't want to reel them in. I think it was because Nate & I got excited (that she caught a fish) and it scared her. She's very sensitive to noises and excitement.
We're hoping to go out again soon and catch some bigger fish!


Jenn said...

How cute,she looks so proud of herself, I have a picture of my oldest like that too !