Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a great Easter weekend...other than the snow part...I'm sick of that white stuff. Sounds like this week will be nice & sunny.
The easter bunny came and had lots of eggs hidden around the house. Cassidy was so excited to see that the Easter bunny ate all of the lettuce we left out the night before!
We made it to church too. There were all kinds of pretty dresses on all of the little girls. Lydia cried during the service, nothing unusual :) But she did settle down after a while. Cassidy was restless. How are we supposed to concentrate on the sermon with these kids??!!!
After Church we went home and relaxed a little and then went to my parent's for dinner. As always, grandma was up to her usual spoiling. They had eggs hidden in the snow. They were filled with money and as if that wasn't enough, she (I mean Easter bunny) also hid baskets filled with candy & toys! Let me just say it was kinda crazy after the candy was consumed. But they had a fun time which is the most important!

When I was glancing at the thumbnails of my pictures I thought Cassidy was holding a doll in this picture!