Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here's the silly kiddo. Yes, I actually went outside for once. I hate the outdoors in winter, so I just never get out, but thought that I needed to try some snowy pictures. She had to take her "prized possessions" (lightning mcqueens)outside with her. And the 2nd picture-she's telling me "it's too bright, too bright!!!!" Obviously this kid doesn't go outside in the winter either. go figure. Third picture is totally blown out, but I played with it in pse and thought it was kinda cute. Maybe you don't like it, but you don't have to. I'm just playing around.

I've been taking this free photography course online and have been playing with my camera more. Last year I started shooting in full manual mode, but didn't really know what worked best in every situation. Now I'm learning and really playing around more (especially now with a new lens) and getting the correct exposures for my shots. because, hey, I've got the camera to do this stuff, I should know how it works, right?